Juan Torres


Juan's love for science blossomed at an early age while playing with chemistry sets in his bedroom as a child. He eventually outgrew the chemistry sets and went on to earn PhD's in Chemistry and Toxicology from NC State university. He spent the subsequent 30 years in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, driving innovation and rising as a leader in his field. His time spent as the Senior Vice President of the Global Quality organization at Biogen helped him solidify the organizational vision he brings to Ingenuitas. During this time, he and his wife began serving as part of a small humanitarian aid group working in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This is when Juan first noticed that many of the problems created by poverty in developing nations are ones whose solutions industrialized nations have long taken for granted as trivial. He was a founding member and served as board president for Hands of Compassion, the non-profit that grew up to support the medical relief they were providing. 

Ingenuitas represents a blending of Juan's many passions, bringing simple, innovative solutions to bear on some of the world's most pressing humanitarian issues. Juan has brought his compassionate executive leadership experience, a longstanding love for science and innovation and a deep drive to improve the world and has manifest them in the vision of Ingenuitas. 


Justin Moretto

Program Director

Justin earned a BS in neuroscience from East Carolina University and an MS in Biotechnology and Business from The Johns Hopkins University. Justin has experience covering a broad spectrum of the biotech industry including: novel compound discovery, preclinical testing, GMP manufacturing, biopharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs and novel technology design and implementation. The common thread throughout his career has always been simple, disruptive innovation.

Justin brings more than a decade of scientific and project management experience to Ingenuitas which he leverages daily to maintain high standards of excellence and a unified vision across all projects.