No single organization is capable of meeting the needs of our target population which is why we are excited to join with organizations which share our vision for the future. The strategic partnerships allow us to leverage relationships and community knowledge and avoid many pitfalls of young non-profit organizations.


410 Bridge

The mission of 410 Bridge is to enable the self-developing capabilities of the target populations through holistic and community-centered partnerships. Ingenuitas is excited to benefit from the deeply rooted community relationships 410 Bridge has build over the last decade while also gleaning guidance on the needs and challenges faced in these communities. 

Kenan Institute

Kenan Institute

Kenan Institute

Funding from the Kenan Institute will enable a project aimed at addressing critical health problems in the developing world, leveraging STEM HS and college student potential for developing unanticipated solutions. The bidirectional benefits will leave a lasting impact on the everyone involved. 


Techno Wolves robotics team

Ingenuitas is excited to partner with the local team in the First Robotics Competition. The partnership allows a synergistic space sharing while also bringing important global issues to the awareness of future leaders and gaining insight from their unique perspectives.