“Foreign Assistance is not an end in itself. The purpose of aid must be to create the conditions where it is no longer needed.”
– President Barack Obama

Our mission is to create those conditions through the implementation of both existing and novel technologies, alleviating the burden of poverty for generations to come.


Our Beginning

The seed for Ingenuitas began with a tradition of humanitarian aid work spanning decades. There is a deep and longstanding tradition of serving marginalized populations in the Torres family and Juan's vision is to both ensure and fast-track these people's rise from poverty by utilizing the all the advantages available in developed nations.


“Prometheus saw fit to challenge the status quo in order to elevate humanity through technology. We have the same opportunity in our time.”

— Justin Moretto, Program Director


Ingenuitas is taking direction from the WHO Priority Risks and Future Trends in Environment and Health in Developing Countries  and the Millennium Development Goals in an effort to meet the needs of our global community in a unified and systematic way. Applying new and existing technologies in simple and elegant ways to existing problems creates the opportunity to maximize positive impact. We don't simply want to improve peoples living conditions, we want to maximize the effect.

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Our Mission

Many of the Priority Risks for developing  countries are challenges not faced in industrialized nations because of easy access to preventative technologies and education. Providing practical, effective and culturally acceptable solutions to these Priority Risks has become easier than ever. 


1.7 million

Deaths from unsafe water

1.6 million

Deaths from indoor cooking smoke

1.2 million

Deaths from malaria


With the majority of the world's population growth taking place in the urban areas of poor countries, the stakes are also higher than ever.



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